The Costs behind Assurant Mobile Home Insurance

There are many great benefits to buying a mobile home. But purchasing one may not be the easiest process…

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An older mobile home can be a great investment if you’re looking for affordable property…

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One of the great benefits of buying mobile homes is that they cost relatively less than a traditional stick-built home. They are also much quicker to build. With that being said, people are starting to learn that the cost of Assurant Mobile Home Insurance is much higher than regular home insurance. But if mobile homes cost less and require less labor to build and maintain, why do they cost more to insure? We will explain the costs behind Assurant Mobile Home Insurance.

Because of the way they are made, many mobile homes are not as durable as a traditional stick-built home. Many of these homes are not securely anchored. They are also light in weight which makes them extremely vulnerable to floods and high winds. Mobile homes experience more damage than a standard home which makes them more expensive to insure.

Another explanation for the high costs behind Assurant Mobile Home Insurance is their vulnerability. Fires are more deadly to a mobile home than they are a traditional house. Fires spread much faster in mobile homes, causing more damage. Mobile homes also experience more expensive claims from broken pipes and flooding.

Mobile Homes lack some of the security capabilities that stick-built homes have. This makes them more susceptible to theft and robbery.

Hopefully, you understand the costs behind Assurant Mobile Home Insurance. Even though mobile homes are more vulnerable than standard homes, they are still a great investment and a comfortable, lucrative living option. We can help you find the best rates on Assurant Mobile Home Insurance from the top carriers in the nation. You can get instant results when you request a free Assurant Mobile Home Insurance Quote!